Jepara’s Traditional Weavings

Jepara is a small town on the north coast of Central Java province renowned for many years as the center of teak woodcarvings. This small town is also birthplace to Raden Ajeng Kartini, the pioneer for Indonesia’s women’s rights during the colonial period. Like Java’s other regions, kain tenun, or traditional weaving can also be found here, and at its center is the village of Troso. The process of making these textiles remains very traditional, using primarily non-mechanized weaving equipment. Troso’s woven cloth comes in a variety of colors and motifs, and makes for wonderful long-sleeved shirts, formal gowns, shawls, tablecloths, curtains and others. The popularity of Jepara’s traditional weavings nowadays is well documented by the recent emergence of on-line shopping. However, it is best experienced when observing firsthand the process of making this traditional cloth in Jepara.

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