Month: November 2013

Ketoprak: Javanese Folk Art (Part 2 of 2)

The birth of Ketoprak was inspired by a traditional game called gejogan (or kotekan). The game, performed by teenage girls strictly during full moon, created sounds from a paddy pounder, producing a certain unique rhythm. While they pounded, these girls also sang to more accompaniments of kendang (traditional drum) and seruling (bamboo flute). Short stories

Dayak Dragon Boat Handicraft

The Dayak ethnic group is the indigenous people of Indonesia’s Kalimantan Island. Their tradition is undoubtedly fascinating to those who wish to explore the many cultural aspects still unknown to many. One among the numerous Dayak traditional handicrafts is perahu naga (dragon boat), a popular gift or souvenir. One’s first impression is that its material

The Legend of Mounts Sumbing & Sindoro

Java is home to many volcanoes. In Central Java province are two such mountains side by side, Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro in Temanggung regency. Today marks the national holiday in Indonesia, in observance of the first day of the Islamic year. Today is also traditionally renowned as 1 Suro or the Javanese New Year

Lombok’s Ketak Webbing Handicrafts

Lombok Island in Nusa Tenggara Barat province has been growing in recent years as a travel destination. Being an agriculture-based area, various plants grow naturally in the wild. Ketaq (or Ketak) is a creeper that grows on another plants. It is traditionally a material used to create a variety of goods through its drying, cutting

Baris: Bali’s Male Dance

Dance is arguably inseparable from the daily lives of Balinese people. This art form is not only merely a form of entertainment but also has traditionally complemented the various religious rituals extent on the island. Certain Balinese dance is regarded as ritual, and one among many is the male or masculine dance known as Tari